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Sasha O'Kharin
This is some important information to help you schedule a session and get deeper understanding of how the whole process is built.

Sasha is well-known for his photorealistic portraits. Realism is a technique that results in artwork that looks like a photograph or a real-life object.
In general, the term realism in the art world refers to precise, detailed, and accurate representations of real-life imagery.
Tattoos by Sasha O'Kharin
Appointment Scheduling
We will need the following info:
1. Reference Images or Idea Descriprion

It’s always easier to catch an idea with pictures, but if you don’t have any pictures, please describe your idea with words.

NB! Sasha’s mostly interested in making color photorealistic portraits. He doesn’t work in black-n-gray. He doesn’t work with relatives' portraits, landscapes, architecture, animals, and space as main objects. It also can be tricky if you want to get a tattoo with a person/character who has not enough photo material on the Internet as we will not be able to get decent reference images.

Please, be aware most artworks (paintings, drawings) don’t work as reference images. Photos are much more preferable. Sasha does not replicate tattoos he did before or tattoos done by other artists. He doesn’t finish works by other artists.

2. Placement Area Photos

We need several photos to understand your skin type and condition. The more available areas you have, the better. Please make sure the images are taken under natural sunlight.

NB! Sasha works on arms and legs only. If you had sessions with Sasha before, you can ask him for a backpiece or other areas.
For cover-ups, usually, the recommendation is to go through the laser removal process first to lighten the area as much as possible before a cover-up is possible. It should be at least six months after laser removals when Sasha will be able to work on the lightened area.

Cover-up (before/after)
Sasha's rate is a flat day rate. A session takes about 5−8 hours. Usually, Sasha needs two days for a lower-arm and lower leg piece and three sessions for an upper arm and upper leg pieces.

For example:
Upper leg. Three sessions in a row.
Leg & Arm sleeves can take 8−15 sessions. Usually, clients take three sessions and make a month break then continue with three sessions again.
Day Rate

It always varies and depends on the location, shop fees, and other factors. We will send you the day rates after confirming the location, theme, and tattoo placement area.
Booking Deposit

After we confirm the theme and tattoo placement area, you will be asked for a deposit. Payment is made via PayPal.
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Reference Images
Placement Area Photos
Photos of Healed Tattoos
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If you have any questions that have not been answered, please feel free to ask via okharin@blackout.tattoo. or WhatsApp +7 951 668-11-81.